CarbonNeutral Driving title

Avis EMEA, in partnership with CarbonNeutral from Natural Capital Partners, offer you the option to compensate the emissions from your Avis car rental. For just £1, Avis will invest in emission reduction projects to offset some or all of the CO2e emitted during your Avis rental.

To purchase, click the BUY NOW button (on the right), afterwards you will be redirected back to the Avis Greener World website. There you’ll find lots of information about the projects Avis support across the world and the many ways Avis work to create a better environment.

Avis offers driving tips to help you cut down on the fuel you use and the emissions you produce. Download eco-driving tips. You’ll be amazed what a few simple changes in driving style can do for your fuel economy, helping the planet and your wallet.

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